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New Podcast Shares In-Depth View of Stone Brewing’s Customer Journey with GoTab

The New Digital Customer podcast by Brightloom launched in July 2020. Since the launch, the podcast has hosted global brands like Blue Nile and Godiva Chocolatier. CEO of Stone Brewing, Dominic Engels, was one of the very first guests. Imagine our surprise to learn that GoTab turned out to be a big topic of discussion. We are honored to play such an important part in helping Stone ensure a successful contactless customer experience.

“Leaning into Creativity and Innovation” [Podcast]

Stone Brewing has come a long way from a small microbrewery back in 1996. Today, Stone is the largest independent craft brewer and the ninth largest independent craft beer distributor. They also operate unique hospitality destinations in California and Virginia and that’s where GoTab came in. Before COVID, Stone had some common challenges shared by large-scale operators. They are a very large format. For example one of their Escondido venues has over 70,000 square feet and 700 seats. Engels explained that, at first, they had a much smaller vision in mind. We “originally thought of GoTab as an incremental change to utilize our space better,” said Engels. When wide-scale quarantines shut down indoor dining across all of their venues, Stone went all-in with GoTab.

Stone Goes All-Digital with GoTab Contactless Ordering and Payment

Stone moved 100 percent of their dine-in and take-out orders through GoTab almost overnight. With the quarantine, people went from shopping on their website, to buying. And because they have such high brand loyalty, Stone was fortunate enough to be among those trusted brands that experienced a surge in demand.
GoTab, as contemplated pre-virus, was simply an ordering utility. Now with 100 percent of our activity going through it, now it’s an experience platform.”
Dominic Engels, Stone Brewing CEO
The podcast provides a candid view of how Stone introduced such a large change over night. They looked at their process, at their staff training and service models. It was really gratifying to hear Engels explain how GoTab stepped up to meet their needs. Listen to the podcast, Leaning into Creativity and Innovation and tell us what you think. To learn more about GoTab’s partnership with Stone Brewing, read Real World Results Using GoTab – Stone Brewing Shares Their Story.
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