Brewery POS that Fuels Your Growth

Get Up and Running in 24Hrs - Max Flexibility, No Contract or Monthly Fees

Give your guests the freedom and independence to choose how they want to order and pay. Meet fast-changing health and safety guidelines, and turn a profit. Keep your people safe and employed with contactless dine-in, takeout & delivery. GoTab is a brewery commerce platform built to improve the brewery guest experience.

Get a Beer to the Table in <3 Minutes

“Our guests love it. They don’t have to waive at someone or stand in line to get a drink. Our servers can 86 items on the fly,
quickly add and remove items from checks. It’s a great experience for our guests and our servers.” – Iryna Kosovan, General Manager, Dacha Navy Yard.

An End to Beer Lines

Robust Contactless Self-Service offerings allow your guests to order and pay from their mobile device. Guests browse your branded, customized menu and submit orders from their device, no app downloads required.


Tabs Help Your Check Averages Climb

Tabs let your guests order when and what they want. With this feature, you can earn higher customer spend and lower your transaction processing fees. GoTab is the only QR-based ordering and payment system with native  that let guests open a digital tab, share and split the tab and tips, and keep the tab open until it’s time to settle.


Make a Direct Connection

GoTab supports two-way SMS text communication so your guests are always kept informed. That will allow you to respond to guest feedback in real-time. And when it comes to getting support, your brewery POS system should be open when you are. 

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