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GoTab Commemorates Two Year “Order”-versary at Caboose Commons

On October 20, we held our very first “order-versary” at our longest-standing customer, Caboose Brewing Company. GoTab hosted a diverse group of staff, media and best of all, loyal Caboose consumers for a socially-distanced evening of food, friends and feedback. Our guests showed up to tell us how they feel about GoTab and they did not disappoint.

Many breweries have a unique problem. They have large indoor and outdoor spaces that can be hard to staff and service. Prior to COVID, long order lines were the norm. Guests were used to waiting. Servers worked behind the bar. It was not only inefficient. No one was very happy.

What Breweries Want from Their Ordering Systems

Breweries want to increase average covers and improve their guest experience. Guests want to order and have their beers show up without having to wait in line. Caboose Commons worked with GoTab to address these needs. As a result, we’re now working with some of the most successful breweries in the nation, such as Ballast Point, Firestone Walker, and Stone Brewing to deliver that solution. They are operating successfully, in spite of the challenges the hospitality industry is facing, and their guests are enjoying better, more satisfying, dining experiences.

Through the pandemic, in order to stay open, many breweries had to dramatically reduce their available square footage indoors. In some cases, they had to create new outdoor dining spaces. They had to reduce operating costs and generate more revenue from every available seat. 

Fortunately, Caboose Brewing worked with GoTab to tailor the platform to these very challenges.

It was cool that we could divide the tab on our own instead of having to pay each other back after or making the server split the bill which usually takes a long time. And we could leave when we wanted which was weird. I felt like I was sneaking out but we already paid! 

Caboose Guest

The system they had prior you had to close out the tab and it drove me nuts. The fact that you’re able to open a tab and leave it open is really nice.

Caboose Guest

It’s nice that I don’t have to get up to order, especially right now. I don’t have to go to get in line to order food or go to a crowded bar to order a drink, it’s so much easier to just do it from my phone.

Caboose Guest

What’s Next for GoTab

Our second “order”-versary with Caboose Commons also offered the opportunity to talk about what’s next for us. We’ll soon offer more pricing transparency with published base pricing as well as course firing for ordering. And because GoTab has a unique set of features that can be used for countless types of operations, we recently shared our vision for the future: Restaurant Commerce Platform GoTab Expands Contactless Technology Beyond The Hospitality Industry.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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