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Are You Ready for the Big Game?

The Big Game

It’s just shy of 3 weeks to the Big Game. Do you have a plan? It comes down to people, process and technology. If you’re lucky, the people and the processes are part of your DNA. But what about your tech?

With GoTab, you can increase your speed of service without adding staff. Here are just a few ways how:

1. Seamless Tabs

While you’re not necessarily looking to flip tables quickly on the big night, you certainly don’t want guests to get frustrated waiting for a server’s attention. GoTab is the only platform that allows a guest to move from the bar to the table without closing out a check. This offers two unique benefits:

  • It saves you money by lowering your transaction costs. When guests keep the tab opened until the game is over, all of their charges come through on one transaction.
  • It lets servers focus on …  the service. Novel concept right? When they can quickly add to or adjust a guest’s Tab they save valuable time.

2. Quick Reordering

iPhone with GoTab ordering screen. Quick add to order prompt at the top of the screen.

With GoTab’s Quick reordering capability, you can keep the drinks and appetizers flowing.

By eliminating the need to waive down a server, guests get to order whatever and whenever they want. This can add an average of 35 % to every guest check.

3. Real-Time Live Support

GoTab FAQs screen on an iphone, behind icons for our 24/7 customer support via text, email, and phone.

Because problems never happen during business hours and nobody ever wants to talk to a bot, the GoTab Customer Success Team is available 24 hours a day via chat support, phone, text, email and social media. 

4. Batch Ordering

Tablet with GoTab KDS on screen. Tickets with items dispatched and batching.

With our Batch Ordering feature, you’ll be able to see all orders coming in from the same table on your KDS. We let you do things like dispatch a whole ticket, individual items, and batched tickets, the kitchen has complete flexibility and total control.

5. Notices

The Big Game is a great opportunity to create a relationship with first-time visitors and give them a reason to return. With GoTab Notices, you can show them an offer they can’t resist. When a new visitor scans a QR, trigger a Notice that pops exclusively for them. Offer a coupon for their first Growler order. This gives them a reason to place a larger order while at your venue, and a reason to return for a refill at a later date.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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