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Dining Out: Analyzing Toast QR Ordering Processing Rates

Pandemic-related demands have boosted QR codes’ popularity, but what about some of the processing fees that follow for business owners.

Restaurant menus got a makeover thanks to the pandemic: Now, placing your order means simply whipping out your phone and scanning a QR code. QR codes are all the rage now, but, as Reforming Retail recently reported, some merchants are pushing back on one of the more confusing parts of vendor pricing.

Deconstructing the Actual Cost

Reforming Retail dives a bit deeper into the difference between card present and card not present processing rates charged by Toast, GoTab and Square for QR Ordering. They do a pretty thorough job deconstructing and breaking down the actual costs to a hypothetical merchant with $200k in monthly volume. We find a lot of merchants aren’t as clear on this issue. If you fall into that category, it’s likely not your fault. Most vendors are almost trying hard to make their pricing hard to understand.

The Difference With GoTab

At GoTab, we do our best to offer transparent, easy to understand pricing. We prefer to align closely with our operators’ success, while offering an all-in-one POS and QR ordering platform that’s cost-effective, designed to grow with your business, and that provides peace of mind with predictable, low costs. This helps our operators to run more profitably, and easily pivot between dine-in service, takeout, curbside pickup and delivery, catering or even retail marketplaces, depending on market demand.

With 24 x 7, live customer service and maximal flexibility, GoTab becomes the ideal partner for operators to navigate the dynamic hospitality environment.

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