5 Things You Can do with the GoT Ops App on Your Phone

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5 Things You Can do with the GoT Ops App on Your Phone

We’re all about making our new All-in-One POS easy to access and use. We’re bringing you these insider tips & tricks as to how you can access and manage our new POS on your phone. Get started by downloading the app here. 

how to create a tab

Open a Guest tab

Have a customer that isn’t super tech-savvy? No worries! Servers can start and add to a digital check, and easily pass the digital check to your guests. Both servers and guests can add to the digital check at the same time. 

Share a tab with you guest

Not only can servers can start a digital tab, once created,  they can also share with guests via a QR code or text message. This means the server will be able to focus more on upselling while the guest is able to add more items to their tab on their own. 

how to share a tab with your guest
how to add to a guest tab

Add to a guest-initiated tab

We don’t expect the customer to be on top of their tab the whole time. Add to any tab whether it was created by a guest or server. 

Issue a refund

Mistakes happen! Servers are able to easily issue a refund through the app and guests will see it immediately reflected.  

how to issue a refund
how to apply a discount

Apply a discount or fee

Want to add a special discount? Easily add a discount or a fee through the app without having to do too much back and forth. No guessing games, guests will be able to see it reflected. 

Thinking about setting up GoTab? Sign up for our 2-week free trial! We will provide you with all the hardware and software you need to get set up.
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